Mission Projects 2024

GOI invites you to partner with us in mission, supporting one of the 12 projects.

God loves a cheerful giver. Offering with gratitude affirms God's promises. God is faithful and generous. He blesses others through your offerings. Believers’ lives are fulfilled through offering and worship. Therefore, giving is not a burden but an opportunity to lift others up. We sincerely invite everyone to journey with GOI on the mission road and to become a channel of blessing to others. 



Thailand Chiang Mai Mission Center

In Thailand, sharing the gospel with adults can be challenging. Therefore, the Chiang Mai Mission Center has shifted its focus towards evangelizing children. It has gradually evolved into a children's learning center, starting with Chinese and English ministries. The target audience comprises students from Grade 1 to Grade 9, totaling around 70 children. The aim is to continue providing these children with better learning environments and resources. Funds raised primarily go towards providing lunch and transportation for the children.



Northern Uganda Mission Center Solar Panels

We hope the Northern Mission Center becomes a training center and a base for serving the northern region.
Enable more out-of-school children to learn English and to become acquainted with faith.
Equip pastors through training and reading.
We hope to empower rural pastors to sustain themselves and support their families through farming demonstrations.
Due to unstable power supply in the northern region, the center needs to install solar panels for an emergency power supply. The center also needs to purchase office appliances and training center equipment.



Myanmar Yangon Learning Center

Our ministry in Myanmar involves both urban and rural missions. The learning center provides language classes to youth seeking to fulfill their dreams. We also take the opportunity to share the gospel. Most of the students are non-Christians, with the majority being Buddhists. Due to the mobility of young people, there is significant turnover. It has been a year since the opening of the classes, and we have reached over 60 young people. Currently, each student pays a small fee, which covers some expenses at the center and supports rural outreach ministries. The learning center still needs to raise funds for monthly rent, local staff teaching allowances, stationery expenses, etc. In the summer of 2024, we also plan to start children's classes in hope of reaching more families.



Cambodian College Student Dormitory

Our ministry serves university students and recent college graduates living in local dormitories. We help disadvantaged students from rural areas continue their university education in Phnom Penh. Through personal testimony, teaching, and living together, we lead them to Christ and help them become responsible individuals in their country, society, and families. Currently, 13 students are living in the dormitory. By teaching Chinese and English classes, we build relationships with them and attract some young people to attend gatherings. We provide free accommodation and six meals over the weekends. Additionally, we hire local workers to lead them in Bible study, fellowship, and Sunday worship. We also sponsor the annual tuition fees of individual students with particular difficulties.



Northern Uganda Student Ministry

We provide assistance to well-rounded, outstanding students with financial needs. We also engage in campus evangelism to nurture students' spiritual and character development, aiming for them to become lifelong disciples of the Lord. The funds raised will support over 23 middle school students, ensuring they can overcome the financial obstacles and continue their education.


Church Planting

Mogi, Brazil Church Planting

The Mogi district in Brazil includes four towns. Approximately 500 Chinese residents are doing businesses in these areas, with Cantonese and Mandarin speakers evenly distributed. Over the past years, missionaries have been preaching the gospel to them, but there is lack of regular training, leaving these new believers undernourished. We decided to conduct regular visits and teachings at least once a month and to hold weekly Bible studies via Zoom. Funds raised will be used for church planting rent and missionary travel expenses, including long-distance bus fares and accommodations. We plan to stay for three days during each visit. We encourage believers to join us in mission trips.


Church Planting

Niteroi, Brazil Church Planting

Rio de Janeiro and its surrounding towns have a significant Chinese population, yet there are no Chinese churches. Jehovah's Witnesses actively target the Chinese, urging us to expand our gospel ministry to Niterói. Currently, there are approximately 400 Chinese residents in the area. Attendance at worship services is unstable, and the offering barely covers expenses. We want to serve them through community care but often face limitations due to financial constraints. The plan is to gather every Saturday evening for a meal and Bible teaching. There is also a group of Mandarin-speaking Chinese residents in downtown Rio de Janeiro who engage in businesses. Any surplus resources can also be invested in the local ministry there.


Church Planting

Mongolia Church Planting

Our church currently has around 40 members, with attendance sometimes reaching 100 during holiday celebrations. Most of them are residents who live near garbage dumps and find their living by gathering materials from the garbage. Currently, we mainly serve them through children's ministry. There is an urgent need for funding to rent a venue for gatherings. After they relocate to apartments, they no longer have yurts for us to gather in. The apartments are too small, so missionaries can only gather once a month at a Chinese restaurant around a round table or at a karaoke session. In Mongolia, foreigners are not allowed to actively evangelize, but if invited, they can. We hope to find a suitable location for gatherings. The donations will support renting a venue and purchasing equipments such as guitars and amplifiers.


Gospel Vehicle

Curitiba, Brazil Gospel Vehicle

Curitiba, Brazil has approximately 3,000 Chinese residents, primarily Cantonese. Some open restaurants on the outskirts while residing in the city center. They rarely have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Therefore, missionaries are conducting gospel outreach there. Gatherings and worship services typically take place in the evenings, often finishing late. This is inconvenient for older people, so there is a need to purchase a gospel van to assist in this ministry.


Gospel Vehicle

Cambodia Gospel Vehicle

In Cambodian rural areas, the population typically comprises children and older people as most young adults have migrated to cities for work. The local villagers are relatively impoverished. There's hope to reach out to these rural communities through ministry, utilizing small group meetings to connect with villagers and spread the gospel. Currently, we are serving around 30-60 people. The aim is to raise enough funds to purchase a gospel van so missionaries can travel to and from villages and towns for visits.



Singapore Cross-cultural Ministry

More than 300,000 migrant workers from various Southeast Asian countries reside in Singapore. Two years ago, under God's guidance, GOI began migrant worker ministry in collaboration with the Singapore Accident Help Center and the Salvation Army. This partnership allows us to go into migrant workers' dormitories and connect with them, enabling us to understand their needs. We organize various activities in the dormitories during holiday seasons. Additionally, we have conducted health check-ups to help migrant workers understand their health conditions and to teach them self-care. We hope migrant workers would be relieved and comforted physically and spiritually in the love of Jesus Christ. 。


Youth Mission

GOI Youth Mission Camp 2025
Sponsor A Participant

“GOI Youth Mission Camp 2025” is a camp aimed at mobilizing young people to participate in missions. Through the camp, attendees increase their learnings and inspirations to serve in missions. A missionary will lead each group. Through direct interactions with missionaries, there are lifelong impacts on young people. Formerly known as Malaysian Youth Mission Camp, it has gradually evolved into an Asian Youth Mission Camp with over a thousand participants. Many individuals have dedicated their lives to missions, with many having entered the mission field, serving in places like the Middle East and Africa. Today, many more continue to respond to God's call.
Due to the substantial expenses of hosting such large gatherings, camp fees have increased. This results in many high-quality camps failing to reach their target number of participants. Many young people need help to afford the high camp fees. Also, it is financially challenging for youth from remote areas to travel by plane. To encourage more young people to participate in Youth Mission Camp. GOI has launched the SAP program, which stands for “Sponsor A Participant”. We call on Christians worldwide who have the burden and financial capability to join us in supporting 500 young people (each participant: USD 100).