The Lam family is in the process of raising US$500,000+ to be donated to “GOI”(HQ) for the establishment of Cyrus and Pearl Lam Mission Fund (the “Fund”).

Fund Investment

The Fund donations are to be invested in an index fund with minimal fees.

Annual Grants

Every calendar year, the Fund will provide up to 5% of the total fund principals as grants for new missionaries in fundraising needs.

New Missionary Grants

A newly appointed missionary unit (NMU) may apply for the grant under the following conditions:

  1. The NMU is accepted by Gospel Operation International (GOI).
  2. The NMU is fundraising for the first term(2 year commitment).
  3. The NMU must fundraise at least 50% of the budget.
  4. The grant may may not exceed 50% of the NMU's budget.

Applications and awards for the grant will be administered by a three-member committee appointed by GOI's Executive Committee.

When additional funds are available, it can be extended to the NMU for a second term under the following guidelines:

  1. The NMU is in good standing with GOI.
  2. A second term NMU grant recipient must fundraise at least 75% of the budget.
  3. The extension grant may not exceed 25% of the NMU's second term budget.

Priority is given to first term NUMs.

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A fund that helps newly appointed missionaries.


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